January 29, 2010

241. His Girl Friday

  • Year of release: 1940
  • Director: Howard Hanks
  • Comedy: Comedy, Drama
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90 odd minutes. I was somewhat relieved to see that this movie was shorter than the previous ones. I had grown tired of long movies. Unfortunately this movie did not take advantage of the shorter length.

The story is a romantic story. Ex-reporter Hildy Johnson is getting married to Bruce Baldwin and visits her old newspaper headquarters. Her old editor and ex-husband, Walter Burns, realizes he still loves her and desperately tries to stop her from getting married all the while politicians come and go and criminals escape. Ms. Johnson realizing she cannot forget who she really is, a reporter, and who she loved/loves, Mr. Burns, returns to the newspaper and her old love.

Does Cary Grant have to slap a bitch?

This movie is rather boring. Or so it seemed the first 4/5ths. It never drew me in, it never made me interested in following it. In fact, I'd rather watch a few long movies than short ones like this one. Sure, it may be a realistic image of what happens when reporters want a story and how far they're willing to go, but it never really entertained.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is not crap or anything of that sort, it is a valid and solid image of the press, but I didn't find it that good.

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