January 27, 2010

243. Toy Story 2

  • Year of release: 1999
  • Director: John Lasseter & Ash Brannon & Lee Unkrich
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • IMDB Page

To tell the truth here, I've actually been avoiding this movie ever since it came out. I saw the promotional artwork and posters of the girl-woody and thought that this movie was just a sequel where Woody falls in love and has to rescue the girl or something lame like that. Unfortunately I wasn't that far off. It might be the high expectations and/or the nostalgia speaking but I don't feel this movie is a worthy follow-up to Toy Story 1.

The plot is almost the same from what I can recall, I know someone needed rescuing in Toy Story 1, I think it was Buzz, but now it's Woody who needs to be rescued. So, it's the same old again, but the movie still entertained while watching it. So, in short, Woody gets kidnapped by an evil collector. His toybuddies try to retrieve Woody by going all the way across the city. Woody finds three other toys who were in "Woody's Roundup", which was an old collection of Wild West toy figurines starring Woody. The collector wants to sell them to a Japanese museum and he leaves for the airport with Woody and his friends. I do not need to tell you the ending as this is a Disney movie after all.

The point of the plot is entirely MOOt, go watch Toy Story 1

The jokes and funny scenes in this movie are very entertaining and it kept a good pace. I never got bored watching it, but the nagging déja-vu feeling never went away. But, whatever, it is a sequel after all.

I'm not saying this movie is utter crap, but it doesn't really deserve a top 250 spot, especially not if Toy Story 1 is already in it.

Borrow It
(unless if you have kids, then buy it as they can watch the same crap over and over again)

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