January 16, 2010

Rating System

I rate the movies I've seen based on a different system than you're used to. Instead of the traditional "out of ten" systems you see in every movie reviewing site I'm going to use a different kind of rating. I'm going to advise what you should do when you want to see the movie I'm reviewing. I've decided on the following categories, posted from worst to best:

  • Burn it
    Don't even think about watching this movie.
  • Borrow It
    Don't spend any money at all on this movie, find a friend, colleague, family member, etc. who can lend you this movie for free.

  • Rent It
    Good movie, but it's not worth to watch this one more than once. Don't borrow it as money should still be spent to see this movie.

  • Buy It
    Simple as that. The movie is worth of being on everyone's shelves and you should or ought to be able to watch it multiple times. 

  • Buy the Collector's Edition
    Some movies are worth the extra cash and this one is one of them. Buy the Collector's Edition, Extended Edition, Director's Cut. Don't buy them all, but you owe it to society to own this movie in all its glory.

There you have it; my own rating system; now go out there and buy some movie gems.

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