March 19, 2010

236. The Philadelphia Story

  • Year of release: 1940
  • Director: George Cukor
  • Genre: Romance
  • IMDB Page

Another Cary Grant picture. The third one so far. I liked the first one I saw, I didn't like the second one, so the third one needs to be a good one for poor old Cary.

The story is very simple (and boring). Girl is going to get married, old and new loves show up on the doorstep and girl changes mind. It's a simple and effective story, unfortunately it's brought very boring and more long winded than it should have been. This movie takes a very slow start and it felt like something grand was going to happen later in the movie. Unfortunately, I was kept waiting on this finale for the entire movie. In fact, I'm still waiting on that finale.

I was also expecting some comedy...

[insert a picture of cary grant slapping a bitch]

In conclusion, this movie didn't deliver, sorry Cary. I wouldn't even recommend to borrow it.

Burn it.

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